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Jane from Wigan is passionate about making smoking history within her own network and beyond.     

Since quitting herself, Jane has successfully supported both her partner and her sister to quit smoking and is now hoping to influence her friends into following in her footsteps.

Jane started smoking when she got the freedom that came with adolescence. “You’re in that situation as a child when you’re suddenly getting a bit of autonomy.” As she started going to pubs she would smoke more. A keen squash player and a talented sports player in general, it wasn’t long before smoking started to affect her fitness. “I noticed I was wheezing a little bit if I was walking up hill”

Jane was able to convince herself that she wasn’t strictly a smoker, as she tended to binge at weekends, rather than on a daily basis.

“It was only later on I had to admit to myself that I was a smoker, and when I did that it was like there was a sort of dawning realisation that I’m probably killing myself by doing this.”

Jane and partner Donna went away on a skiing trip and were struck down with illness. After recovering Jane reached out for a cigarette but convinced herself that she didn’t need one. “I told myself, you’ve not smoked for two days now; let’s try another day. And it went on from there.”

Jane is tremendously proud of having quit smoking. She encourages others to follow in her footsteps and assures them that “life as an exsmoker is liberating!”


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