Grants of £400 available for young content producers to help make smoking history

Those with a talent for technology, an eye for digital design and who are a whizz at writing are being invited to produce content for the web and/or social media to help make smoking history.

Applicants must be aged 16-24 and must commit to creating at least two pieces of content that will raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and/or the impact it has on society, the environment and the economy.

Budding content producers can submit content on a variety of topics including the health risks and dangers of smoking, environmental impacts of tobacco production, societal pressures to smoke and the effectiveness of stop smoking campaigns. In return, successful applicants will be eligible for a £400 grant to spend on producing their proposed digital content, which could be a blog, video, infographic or piece of digital artwork.

If you or someone you know may be interested in putting digital skills to work for History Makers then read on.

What is a History Maker?

A History Maker is someone who wants to make smoking a thing of the past in Greater Manchester.

Smoking kills 1 in 2 long term smokers. Around 5,212 people will die each year in Greater Manchester from smoking related illnesses. Stopping smoking is the single best thing a smoker can do for their health.

What are we asking for?

We want you to create at least two pieces of content on issues relating to smoking. Your content must be in a format we can put online: e.g. video, blog, or other format that suits you. We would like to be able to promote what you create via this website. You can be serious - research the issues. You can be light - create something that engages other young people. You must be proud to be named alongside what you have created. 

Additional criteria

You must sign up as a History Maker.

You must be 16 to 24 years of age as at 1 March 2021.

You must live in, study or work within Greater Manchester.

You can apply by yourself or with a group of friends

You should help promote your content.

You should encourage people who engage with your work to sign up as History Makers.

What do we offer in return?

  • Support and advice in developing your idea, if that would help
  • A means to promote your work and thinking
  • The chance to connect to other History Makers
  • A grant of £400.

You can cover any of these topics or pick one of your own.

  • My generation and smoking
  • What are the social pressures to smoke?
  • How does the tobacco industry encourage people to smoke?
  • Why did you start smoking and why did you stop?
  • What is the impact of tobacco production on the environment?
  • What is the impact of smoking on my community?
  • My campaign to stop smoking is…
  • What anti-smoking campaign most affected you and why?
  • How does smoking affect your mental health?
  • A diary of quitting (e.g. blogs from the first three days of quitting, a week later and one month on)
  • How does Shisha affect you and your community?
  • Quitting with someone else: pros and cons

Or, anything that you want to say about smoking and tobacco that is important to you!

The deadline for submissions is Monday 1 March.

To apply, please complete the application form at

If you have any questions at all, just contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Together we can make smoking history

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