Here you can find a range of tools for use to make smoking history.

Smokefree Events: How can I turn my outdoor event in Greater Manchester smokefree?

A guide for event organisers - working together towards a smokefree generation.

This pack has been created for the organisers of any outdoor event who want to make their event smokefree. It provides practical information on how to successfully host a smokefree event.

View or download the Smokefree Events Guide. (738KB, pdf)

View or download Smokefree logos for your use.

History Makers Consultation: Making Smoking History in Greater Manchester

We consulted with Greater Manchester to make sure everyone felt part of the movement by having their say on smoking. View the report now.

View or download the History Makers Booklet. (387KB, pdf)

The voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector also led a consultation response.

View or download the VCSE History Makers Booklet. (921KB, pdf)

Making Smoking History: A Tobacco Free Greater Manchester

Find out about Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership’s transformation programme; designed in collaboration with all partners, it includes a range of innovative and evidence based interventions.

View or download the Making Smoking History programme strategy document. (1.8MB, pdf)

View or download the summary document. (613KB, pdf) 

Stop Smoking campaigns in Greater Manchester

Support our latest campaign by sharing the assets on social media 

View or download the supporting assets for our latest campaign.

Support to stop smoking in Greater Manchester

There is lots of information and support available online for smokers in Greater Manchester who want to quit smoking.

Visit to access support to quit smoking in Greater Manchester.

Support to stop smoking outside of Greater Manchester

If you live outside of Greater Manchester then you can find the help and support you need to quit smoking at NHS Smokefree.

Visit NHS Smokefree to access support to quit smoking outside of Greater Manchester.

National stop smoking campaign resources

Public Health England has many posters, leaflets and other resources to help make smoking history across the country. When you enter their website you will be asked to create an account.

Visit Public Health England’s campaign resource centre.

Together we can make smoking history

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